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In order to be considered a federal crime, one of two things must take place.  Either the crime has to be committed on federal property, or the crime has to violate a federal law.  Either situation must take place in order for a crime to be considered a federal crime.  As opposed to “normal” crimes, federal crimes will be handled by the federal criminal system and prosecuted at federal court.  Federal laws are different and more intricate than laws at state level, and require significant knowledge of the federal court system.  A lawyer handling a federal crime must know how to correctly interpret and argue complex federal laws and sentences in order to effectively defend a client. 

Many attorneys will claim that they are capable of handling federal offenses, but have little or no experience with federal laws or federal court room procedures.  This can be detrimental to a case, and unfortunately clients never find this out until they see their lawyer in action in the courtroom, at which point it is too late.  South Florida federal defense attorney Sean Sweeney has over 20 years of experience representing clients in federal courtrooms, and knows exactly how federal crimes should be handled. 

If you are facing federal charges in Miami Dade, Fort Lauderdale or Palm Beach you cannot afford to choose a lawyer who is ill-equipped to handle your case.  You need a federal crimes lawyer who will guide you through the federal criminal process step by step, giving you the individual attention you deserve along the way.  At our firm, Mr. Sweeney can represent clients for the following types of federal crimes:

Miami Dade, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach Federal Crimes

Many federal crimes cases can begin before the defendant has any knowledge of it.  Businessmen, corporate partners, and regular individuals may discover that they are under investigation for a federal crime before the crime is actually charged.  The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration), and IRS (Internal Revenue Service) are known for performing well prepared investigations on people throughout Florida. 

If you find out that you are under investigation for a federal offense in Miami
Dade, Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale, you should immediately seek lawyer representation.  Having an attorney during this early stage could be vital to your case later in the future because your attorney will make sure your rights are not violated during this process.  Investigators will go to almost any length to obtain evidence against you, even if it means violating your rights to get it.  Rights violations that occur during the investigation can be difficult to detect later on, but if you have a lawyer looking out for you from the start it won’t be so easy for them.   

If you have been charged with a federal offense, you should immediately contact a South Florida Federal Crimes Attorney at The Sweeney Law Group! 

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